Happy Thanksgiving Misss Mishaps is the opening movie of Season 2 of The Sally Mishaps Show®; in which the family travels abroad and faces a number of problems

Production Edit

This movie was originally going to be the first episode of the series and's script was written in a book by the show's co-producer Evadne Johnson

Writing Phases Edit

  1. 2014 - M.2015 - Writing begins and the basics of the plot are established.
  2. 2015 - Plot is looked over and edited by Jesus Johnson

Trivia Edit

  • Evadne Johnson wrote this Movie before she wrote any actual episodes
  • The movie was put together extraordinarily, with Paint and Movie Maker.
  • This is the first movie of Season 2

Mistakes Edit

  • While Sally and her family are in their cab, the back of Megan's shirt reads 'lightning heart' with some accompanying symbols, however, throughout the rest of the movie only the symbols remain on the shirt.
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